Elder Andrew

Elder Andrew

Monday, August 11, 2014

Eli Mail 8/11/14 (Genk, Belgium) Letter 6

okay Im just going to appoligize now for this letter. Im using a french keyboard and the library here in Genk has a little timer on it so I have exactly 1 hour. Yea, forgive all the mistakes because they are unavoidable. ill start with the mass confusion that was monday/tuesday. After a restless 10 hours on the plane, I looked out and beheld the country that would be my new home. I was practicly boucing out of my seat in excitement. We met the mission president and his wife and departed to the mission office. At this point, my head had started a type of throbbing and ache that was unlike anything Id felt before. As meetings proceeded throughout the day, I kept glancing out the window, and actually beholding The Netherlands, Dutch people, and lots and lots of bikes. It was the coolest thing ever but that day turned into a blur as we drove to the mission home to sleep. Theres so much more detail and storytelling I want to explain, but this cruel time limit and keyboard pains me. I met my new companion the next day, Elder Claflin, who Im fortunate enough to get along with really well. Hes a runner like me and from Colorado, I like him a lot. I didnt know what to think when I got assigned to Belgium, but it is very unique to be here. We take the busses everywhere, and I meant everywhere, and the area we cover is gianourmus! Im walking on brick roads in a typically crowded road daily and I love it. Im not sure if I know very little Dutch, or if flams is just different, but its probably both. Our apartment is great, we have a washer and dryer, dishwasher, and its a 4 man. Its never too quiet which I like a lot. I have a lot of great stories to tell and other things, but it is just too hard right now. I will write a formal letter out which will take like 12 days for you guys to get but its my only choice really. Im adjusting pretty well to missionary life, but my mind has just felt muddled and weak from the time change so I havent been picking up new words as much as I would hope. Ill for sure include pictures next time, I dont have a ton because I absolutely hate looking like a tourist. I dont have a bike yet either, it just isnt a priority here. Ive fallen asleep a lot lately on buses, its the typical toll that missionary work takes on a person, but Im getting better at that. A lot of miracles happened here in Genk this past transfer, there was 7 baptisms which is a lot for our mission. We have plenty of investigators of the time being, but my favorite thing so far has been knocking on doors surprisingly. its really cool because you never whos going to listen a little longer, whos curiousity will be peaked. Were going to Brussels to see some cool stuff today, so Im pumped for that. Thanks for all the emails and keeping me in your prayers, love you guys!
One last thing, I feel like Im in a Jason Bourne movie whenever the police cars dash down the street, I cant get enough of those sirens!
Elder Eli Andrew
Weg Naar As 39-5
3600 Genk


Elder Claflin and Elder Andrew

A whole lot of bikes found across from the mission home

Small meeting area for church, 1st floor of the middle apartments

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