Elder Andrew

Elder Andrew

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Eli Mail & extra note 1/12/15 (Zaandam, Netherlands) Letter 25

Hello friends, family, and fellow readers! This week was filled with lots of hard work and perhaps a few interesting stories to tell, but I´m going to be cut off in time. This week we were expecting to be able to just get into the normal swing of things – making appointments, finding – but for some reason Zaandam and all of our investigators seemed to be still longing to be in the holidays. It was a little hard this week to teach, but still successful nonetheless.

Tuesday we woke up early and headed to District meeting where we proceeded to have interviews with the Mission President (my third interview already!). It was a pleasant afternoon, and we had an exchange with the Amsterdam Elders for the rest of the day. I was lucky and got to spend the exchange with Elder Tjong Ayong for his last day as a missionary. We rushed from appointment to appointment, just trying to say one last final goodbye to everyone. We were all over the place and didn´t get home until pretty late because of it. Because of being a Surinamer, he is inherently a great cook. So, we spent the next morning cooking a frozen chicken (his favorite meal) and noodles. It was a really cool experience to be with him but sad to say goodbye to a good friend.

The rest of the week mostly entailed finding activities and attempting to set appointments. We have a big pool of people with potential but, like I said earlier, it was hard to actually teach lessons this week. We spent a couple days battling through the rain, talking to people as we went along and just having a good time together, Elder Toole and I, despite not having the weather on our side. This coming week is `taal week` or speak-our-language week, so I´m excited to see what happens when we speak only Dutch for a week straight. Things are going great here, and we have transfer calls in one week. Yikes! Love you all. Thanks for the support and emails!

EXTRA NOTE – From a separate 1/12/15 email regarding the Paris terrorist situation:

Yeah, it is a pretty big deal. It was all over the newspapers for days, and people talked about it everywhere. Thursday we attempted to take the usual tram to the church to teach our Dutch class but found out they weren't riding trams past "De Dam" because of the terrorist scare. So, we had to take underground metros all over Amsterdam in an attempt to get to the church, but we eventually made it within a reasonable time.

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