Elder Andrew

Elder Andrew

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eli Mail 1/30/16 (Leiden, Netherlands) Letter 67

Had a great, busy week though. Taught some sweet lessons and had great conversations. Ushered in a few new missionaries and had a fun session of missionary work on their first day. It was awesome. We sung "I am a child of God" for a Muslim lady and her kid and have a return appointment. Thursday morning we had to be at the office at 6:45 a.m. with the departing missionaries, so I pulled the couch into the conference room and napped on the cozy office couch until the sun peeked out over the overlooking buildings. We taught a lesson that afternoon with a really open, Christian guy, J. We do a lot with pamphlets and pictures with him, and we all learn something new together and feel the Spirit when we meet. We also gave him a little tour of the Church building, since that is the place where we meet. We talked about the preparation of the Sacrament and showed the other empty classrooms. Nice experience. Dad, your chapel tour had three more people than mine, how 'bout that? These days when I have a minute I have started listening to a lot of Boyd K. Packer talks. He had so much confidence and experience with the gospel and life. I miss him. It is now Elder Cook and I in the office. Elder Evans has left us (RIP, buddy!). We continue to share the gospel message, and I am learning a lot lately about being personable and relatable with those I come in contact with. I am also learning these days about how overcoming fear on a daily basis is an opportunity, not a burden. That being said, we don't have to be necessarily enthusiastic about challenges, but we should be willing to take them head on.

Those are just a few notes from the week, not even a letter really.

I hope everyone can keep steadily growing, little by little, and when we take a step backward I pray we can all take one big step forward. With that balance, we can only keep going forward.


Elder Eli Andrew

PHOTO CAPTION: When the van (code name: Papa Smurf) was broken into (see past letter).

PHOTO CAPTION: Elder Evans is gone! Here is a departing photo with the boy.

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