Elder Andrew

Elder Andrew

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Eli Mail 4/25/16 (Tilburg-Apeldoorn, Netherlands) Letter 74

Hello, everyone!  In regards to this week, I will give it a one word description: fulfilling! Elder Wilson and I didn’t have any distractions from our work and were able to joyfully reap a small harvest
Tuesday I had the opportunity to exchange with Elder G. Williams, a young, loving guy who has been out since last summer. The day we had together was pretty good. We got lost, asked for directions and handed out cards, and even got let in briefly on the door to display the Easter campaign video (we didn’t end up watching it, but it was a pleasant little experience)! The memorable moment of the exchange was when I tried to demonstrate what a ‘burpie’ is to Elder G. Williams during studies the next morning. A burpie is a sort of high knees exercise combined with a push up and a jump into the air, a quick way to get tired and pump up your heart rate. As I demonstrated the jump (in missionary clothes) I heard a wondrous tear and, looking down in amazement, watched the seam of my pants on the inside leg split right down the seam. Elder G. Williams burst out accordingly into laughter as I stared helplessly at my misfortune. With the help of Elder Wilson, I was able to recover my pants and did my first sewing job!
Friday was challenging but rewarding. The weather was chilly enough to see our frosty, panting breath in the air and no one seemed to be home. Our hopeful appointment didn’t work out, and the people in the nearby neighborhoods were simply not home. Around late afternoon, right before going to dinner, we knocked a lady's door and a thought briefly crossed my mind. It was so gentle and brief, and the thought that passed into my mind was "Ancient Americas and the Book of Mormon." So, I quickly got through introductions, and I stated what we share about from the ancient Americas is called the Book of Mormon. The lady looked at me for a second and said, ‘Wow, that sounds very interesting, I am curious!” I guess I looked shocked in the moment, because she replied again, “Why do you look so surprised that I am interested? Does nobody else in the neighborhood think this is interesting?” Elder Wilson and I merely shrugged off the comment and shared our experience about the Book of Mormon. A cool little experience from a simple, almost unnoticed thought!
Orlando also came to Church this week! We visited him again, and he committed to and followed through with it! He really enjoyed Sacrament meeting and hummed along with the songs sung and held the hymn book close to his face in order to read the words. I really like him - such an honest, good-hearted guy.
I have a bitter-sweet announcement. I will be transferred tomorrow! That’s right, a seven-week transfer, and now I am leaving to ... Apeldoorn! I will only have five weeks there, but it should be really fun! Koningsdag is Wednesday, so that is also exciting.
Thanks for the support and prayers everyone!

Elder Eli Andrew

EXTRAS: FROM 4-25-16 EMAIL … how Eli REALLY feels about being transferred:
Big news, drum roll please. I am… getting transferred... again! I am going to Apeldoorn. SO WEIRD! I will do two “one and done”s, meaning I will be staying one transfer in each city (one in Tilburg and one in Apeldoorn). Now, that is what I call ‘unexpected.’ As you know, I spent three transfers in that ward last year in Deventer, and now I will be returning, this time based in Apeldoorn! My feelings are a little mixed; Tilburg was really becoming my city, and I would have loved Elder Wilson ‘killing’ me (heh, mission killing). But I will be companions with Elder Hosea, which is super exciting. He is from Salt Lake, a big Tongan football player, works out a lot, and is one of the nicest, most outwardly concerned guys I know.

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